Suntory Milcolla collagen powder 30 sticks

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Suntory Milcolla collagen powder 30 sticks

Beauty powder "Milcolla" that blended luxurious beauty ingredients yourself. You can ingest advanced ingredients necessary for age and beauty with stick 1 capsule every day. Bounce bouncy, moist, full of dullness, shining everyday ... Why do not you start "Mirukola" now because of the beauty of the top?

There is not one deepening problem with age. Mirukola uniquely incorporates luxurious ingredients thought out to bring out your multi beauty and shine vividly. Proteoglycan with water retention over hyaluronic acid, elastin for bouncing everyday, casein peptide for shining beauty, ingredients happy for women sticks in a single package. Today, tomorrow, we will make up for beautiful origin that leads to the future firmly.

Milk flavor with no habit, it fits anything well.

· Drink coffee, tea, yoghurt, soup, etc. in your favorite thing and enjoy it. · It is delicious to eat even if it mixes in dishes. · Because it is low lipid ※, it is also recommended for those who are on a diet. · 1 day stick 1 package is a standard. Keeping it everyday is important for your age and beauty, it's a pleasant handiness.

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