ALLIE UV mineral moist NEO 90g

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ALLIE UV mineral moist NEO 90g

Prevent unevenness by fitting to unevenness due to skin texture and pores. With waterproof which is resistant to sweat and water, the UV cut effect lasts. Responding to daily life, leisure, swimming pool, sports as well! It combines the feeling of gel and high UV cut.  

■ Skin fit technique

■ Deep UV damage barrier technology ADVAN

● Hyaluronic Acid Formulation (Moisturizing)

● Skin Treatment Essence Compounding (Moisturizing) <Collagen> <Royal Jelly Extract> <Hatumugi seed extract> ◇ Fragrance free ◇ No additive <Paraben mineral oil blended>

· For face · for body

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