Amino Mason hair care (Smooth)

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Amino Mason hair care (Smooth)

Smooth shampoo 

Botanical amino acid based cleaning component * 8 was adopted. Fine and elastic bubbles like whipped cream gently turn off sebum and dirt while protecting your hair from friction during shampooing. With the effect of apple stem cell extract * 9, soap nut * 10, mint * 11 etc., feeling refreshing feeling of rise.

Smooth conditioner 

Rich botanical ingredients such as macadamia nut oil * 12, avocado oil * 13, jojoba oil * 14, almond oil * 15, etc. are topped with milk derived ingredients * 16. Because it penetrates to the core of the hair and moisturizes, even if it is lightly finished lightly, even if the tip of the hair is done it is damaged repair hair treatment.