Anpanman cooking kitchen(L)

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Anpanman cooking kitchen(L)
Anpanman cooking kitchen(L)

The camping show of Campanile was more enjoyably renewed, the kitchen as it was with you. I love Anpanman greatly in the center and it works in conjunction with the trio droning and moves happily. It became more lively as it looks. To the sound of the stove, voice of Anpanman is put and children are urged attention of fire treatment and cooking play to children. Speech entered into the water supply also encouraged the importance of water so that you can learn how to handle fire and water while playing. Baby-bread range also light, door next to the dishwasher also opens the door. The storage power is excellent also by putting the parts down and up. Dokin chan kokin chan can also put ingredients so that the width is playing. Also enters the new popular "Doremifa Anpanman" songs, pleased with your child and mother.

Size: W 47.6 x H 60 x D 25.4cm

<Set contents>

· Main body

· Fry Pan


·Cutlery 4 points (spoon folk fly return knife)


· Baby girl cake

· Anpanman potato

· Broccoli

· Dokin chan pot

· Kokin chan pot

· Uncle Jam pepper

· Mr. Bakko Pepper

(It needs 3 AA batteries for this which is not including)

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