Anpanman food court

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Anpanman food court
Anpanman food court

Anpanman food court newly appeared in popular Sega Toys Omaseyan Gakko series! The signboard is becoming shiny and shiny roulette, ♪ lots of character chatting for each shop Enjoy playing with cocktails in Anpanman food court! Anpanman food coat featuring shiny bright signboard!

Order to play with 2 patterns "Choose your favorite shop" or "Select with roulette"! The shops are 5 stores in all, the characters of each shop will chat ♪ When the buzzer sound of the calling bell unique to the food court sounds, let's receive the food ordered with a fun gimmick from the receiving mouth! The water server pours water and talks and finally tidy up the tray and tableware at the return port ♪ ♪ I can enjoy the flow of food court。

Size: W 37.4 x H 29.4 x D 17.4cm

<Set contents> Body:, calling bell, tray: 2, cup: 2, dish: 3, bowl: 2, food part: 5 Attached seal: 1 sheet, signboard panel: 1 sheet

(It needs 4 AA batteries to play with it)

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