Anpanman juice vending machine (L)

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Anpanman juice vending machine (L)
Anpanman juice vending machine (L)
Anpanman juice vending machine (L)

Popular with children! The DX version of "Dai Nippon Anpanman's Juice Chodai" is on sale! Put the coin and lower the lever to lower the lever, you can buy juice, as well as the traditional way of playing, as well as various gimmicks are included, the range of how to play has become wider.

● You can refill juice by opening vending machine. In addition to buying, you can also experience the job of selling side like genuine article!

● Chatting full of roulette! Anpanman will speak various words by the stopped place of roulette!

● You can buy juice not only with money but also with card ♪

● Boned dumpling trash cans! Empty cans into the trash can!

[Contents of set] Body, juice, rice cake, card, money, trash bin

Size:W 28.5 x H 18.5 x D 12.5cm

(It needs 2 AA batteries, which is not including in this set) 

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