Collagen C jelly

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Collagen C jelly
Collagen C jelly

● Low molecular weight collagen peptide, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, proteoglycan, vitamin C, mangosteen extract, low molecular polyphenol blend.

● Please help us to maintain healthy everyday.

● Acai Berry flavor.

● Blueberry · Cassis · Acai mixed fruit juice 24%.

【How to eat】

● Please enjoy with one guide per day as a guide.


● Please refrain from using this product if you are not suited to all or food allergies.

● After opening, please enjoy immediately.

● Contents The ingredients may aggregate, but there is no problem on the quality.

● Do not freeze, do not warm.

● The bag may be damaged.

● Please keep it out of reach of young children.

● Please do not use for infants and young children.

● Please be careful not to cut your hands with the bag's shadow or sprue.

● ※ diet, based on staple food, main dish, side dish, meal balance.

[How to Save]

● Please save the place avoid direct sunlight hot and humid place.

● Country of Origin  Japan

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