Curel face wash foam 150ml

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Curel face wash foam 150ml
Curel face wash foam 150ml

It cleanses by protecting the essential ingredient "ceramide" of the skin which tends to flow out by washing face every day. Do not take precious moisture and wash away sweat and dirt that may cause skin roughness. It comes out with fine-grained bubbles that spread over the entire face. Even without rubbing your skin strongly, you can wash it without straining your skin. Wash it on moist, smooth skin. Prevents rough skin.

Antiphlogistic (active ingredient) formulated.

· Estimated use amount per one pump: 2 pump press

How to use

● Wet face, apply appropriate quantity (pump 2 pushing, about 2 ml) in your hand, let it fit on your face as it is without lathering, wash gently so as to wrapped it gently. Then rinse off until the skin clears up.

● Do not push the pump under direct water.

● Do not bubble when shaking or tilting container. · Pump can not be pressed.

● It is not a make-up remover.