Curel make up remover gel 130g

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Curel make up remover gel 130g
Curel make up remover gel 130g

While protecting the essential ingredient "Ceramide" of the skin, I will clearly drop off the hard foundation lipstick and the foundation on the back of the pores · sunburn stoppers. Familiar, soft gel type. Even without rubbing your skin strongly, you can make the makeup drop, it will not strain your skin. It can be washed off without stickiness or nullity. Prevents rough skin. Antiphlogistic (active ingredient) formulated.

· Estimated usage of one time: About 2 cm in diameter

· Estimated duration of depletion period: Approximately 3 months

How to use

● Take an appropriate amount (about 2 cm in diameter) in a dry hand and put it on both cheeks, waves, nose, chin as it is. Make a massage and carefully make it compatible with makeup. (Make it familiar with makeup by drawing a circle 4 to 5 times in one place.For easy-to-fall eye makeup and lipstick, please let me blush carefully in the state that hands and face are not wet.

● After that, please rinse thoroughly with warm or lukewarm water.

● Please wash with facial cleanser after use. ● For facial cleansing, we recommend Kurel foam facial cleanser.

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