Curel sebum trouble care lotion

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Curel sebum trouble care lotion

Not only to dryness, but also to excessive sebum to sensitive skin that repeats rough skin. "Ceramide care" and "Sebum prevention measures *" prevent stickiness and rough skin, and prepare it for smooth moisturized skin. Ingredients (base) for suppressing excessive sebum stickiness. Moisturizing ingredients (Eucalyptus extract) formulated. We will arrange the beauty solution to be used later and the skin moisturizer to familiar skin. Sticky, fresh and moisturizing comfort. Non oily prescription. Prevents pimples and rough skin. Antiphlogistic (active ingredient) formulated. It does not break the same pH (weak acidity) as healthy skin. * Prevent rough skin. Prevent stickiness.

Estimated usage amount per pump: 3-4 push of pump ·

Estimated duration of depletion: Approximately 3 months [Toner] 150 ml

● Weak acidity

● No fragrance

● No coloring

● Alcohol free (no addition of ethyl alcohol)

● Allergy tested * Drying sensitivity Patch tested with the cooperation of sensitive skin

* [Patch test: It is a test to confirm irritation to the skin] * Not all people suffer from allergy or skin irritation. How to use Please use it on the skin after cleansing in the morning and evening. Take appropriate amount (pump 3-4 pushes) and gently blend on the whole face.