Curel UV lotion SPF50+ PA++ 60ml

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Curel UV lotion SPF50+ PA++ 60ml

It is easy to spread on the skin of the face and the body, it adapts well to the skin, an emulsion type. Mild and comfortable to use. In addition to firmly cutting out strong ultraviolet rays, it prevents skin damage due to ultraviolet rays (drying, spots and freckles due to sunburn), as well as ceramide care * 1, keeping it moisturizing skin which is not easily roughened by external stimuli. Botanical anti-inflammatory (active ingredient) formulation. Prevent hot flashes after sunburn.

Moisturizing ingredients (moisturizing moisturizing ceramide functional ingredient * 2, eucalyptus extract, asnalo extract) formulated. It is difficult to remnance white, and has a sense of burden on the skin. Also as a makeup ground. It prepares the skin smoothly. It can also be used for delicate skin of babies. * 1 Effectively supplements the moisture of ceramide and gives moisture * 2 Hexadecyloxy PG hydroxyethyl hexadecanamide

◆ SPF 50 + / PA +++ 【Sun banner for face and body】

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