Curel UV milk SPF30 PA++ 30ml

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Curel UV milk SPF30 PA++ 30ml

Ceramide care * 1 While protecting skin from UV rays. Moisturizing type, moisturizing with a light fitting comfort. In addition to firmly cutting ultraviolet rays, it keeps skin moisture resistant to ultraviolet rays (dryness, redness, hot flashes) and resists rough skin by external stimuli. Skin damage prevention ingredients by ultraviolet rays (plant derived antiphlogistic [active ingredient]) formulated. Prevent hot flashes after sunburn. Moisturizing ingredients (moisturizing moisturizing ceramide functional ingredient * 2, eucalyptus extract, asnalo extract) formulated.

There is no white remnant, and a feeling of attachment which does not feel a burden to the skin is attached. You can use it as makeup base. * 1 Effectively supplements the moisture of ceramide and gives moisture * 2 Hexadecyloxy PG hydroxyethyl hexadecanamide

◆ SPF30 / PA ++

· Estimated usage of one time: About 2 cm in diameter

· Estimated duration of depletion: Approximately 2 months

【Sunburn stopper for face】 30 ml

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