Curel whitening care trial set

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Curel whitening care trial set

Also want to prevent spots and freckles due to ultraviolet rays Drying sensitive skin. In "Ceramide Care * 1" and "Whitening * 2 Care", prepare to moist skin full of transparency, to prevent spots and freckles. It is easy to use. It is moisturizing moisturizing lotion and a mini-set of moisturizing lotion moistened to moisture. Lightening active ingredient formulation (lotion: L-ascorbic acid 2-glucoside, emulsion: chamomilla ET). When traveling or going out, it is easy to carry around with a zipper bag.

It can be used for about 20 days with twice a day use.

* 1 Care that effectively supplements the function of "ceramide" and provides moisture * 2 Suppress melanin production, prevent spots and freckles


● Curel White Whitening Lotion II Moist 30ml

● Currell whitening emulsion 30ml