D.U.P Eyelash Fixer EX 553 (Black Type)

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D.U.P Eyelash Fixer EX 553 (Black Type)

D.U.P Eyelash Fixer EX 553 Black Type "is an adhesive specialized for ultra-strong type of false eyeless strong against water and sweat. Using glue paste adhesive. It is strong even if you pull it, you can not take it all day. You can also use false eyelashes repeatedly. It is easy to paint a thin stylus. Makeup time can be shortened considerably.

How to use

1. Apply to the base of the false eyelash so that this product (false eyelash adhesive) will not protrude with cap with respect to the cap.

2. The adhesive is initially greenish, but it turns black when dry. Wait tens of seconds for the adhesive to dry from blue-green to black after coating. (Be sure to dry after bonding.)

3. Place false eyelashes so as to follow the hairline's eyes, lightly hold down from the center of the eyes towards both sides.

4. Grasp your eyelashes and false eyelashes gently with your fingers and finish naturally if you let it fit.

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