D.U.P eyelashes fixer EX552 (Clear type)

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D.U.P eyelashes fixer EX552 (Clear type)

Description of item "D.U.P Eyelash Fixer EX 552" is an adhesive specialized for false eyelashes made with glue which is used for strong medical tape.

It is strong against water and sweat. Size convenient for carrying. It is easy to paint a thin stylus. how to use

1. Apply to the base of the false eyelashes so that this product will not protrude with a brush attached to the cap.

2. After coating, wait tens of seconds for the adhesive to dry from milky white to transparent. CAUTION: Do not adhere unless it is transparent and dry.

3. Apply false eyelashes to fit the hairline's eyes and lightly press down from the center of the eyes towards both sides.

4. Grasp your eyelashes and false eyelashes gently with your fingers and finish naturally if you let it fit.

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