DISNEY GIRLS Scratch Art Book

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DISNEY GIRLS Scratch Art Book
DISNEY GIRLS Scratch Art Book

When you scrape the black scratch surface with a special pen, beautiful colors and shiny colors A hologram appears, a magical drawing that art is completed "Scratch art". One such book that you can enjoy scratching art currently popular in the world of "Disney Girl" appeared! Scratch art is a large satisfactory volume with 6 sheets of 25 cm square large size. Filled with delicate art of flowers and dresses & glitteringly beautiful hologram spec sheet glitteringly. 

* Alice in the Wonderland (Hologram Specification) Alice's world, drawn symmetrically, imaged Alice lost in the forest. Try cutting out while looking for flowers, pocket watches, vials etc.

* FLOWER FANTASY Princess Aurora / Rapunzel / Bell Designing brilliant princesses that are surrounded by beautiful flowers. Dear Sir or Make a flower, or even give the dress a nice design.

*Minnie Mouse One boldly designed minnie mouse loved by people all over the world. The retro atmosphere using old art is pretty.

* DREAMING PRINCESS Cinderella / Snow White / Jasmine The art that portrays the princesses with beautiful flowers and dresses in full bloom. Jack and gas, birds, jeanie and other important friends also appeared.

* Little Mermaid (Hologram Specification) A story of Ariel dreaming of the human world and a piece depicting a beautiful sea world. The art of the famous scene "Kiss the Girl" whose breasts are high also.

* Tinker Bell A pretty profile and gesture, a design where condensability of Tinker Bell was condensed. The emerging color is as magical as a fairy.


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