Fine Japan collagen powder (2 types)

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Fine Japan collagen powder (2 types)
Fine Japan collagen powder (2 types)

● Nutritional functions

● Vitamin C is a nutrient with antioxidant properties as well as helping to maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes. Percentage of nutrients per day as a percentage of the reference standard value: 125%

● Biotin is a nutrient that helps maintain health of skin and mucosa. Nutrient per day, etc. Percentage of display standard value: 100%

Country of Origin: Japan

Ingredients: fish collagen peptide, condensed milk powder, barley extract, elastin peptide, coenzyme Q10 (reduced form), dextrin, trehalose, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, fragrance, sweetener (sucralose), biotin including) Nutritional information: energy 25 kcal, protein 5.50 g, lipid 0.08 g, carbohydrate 0.69 g, sodium 32 mg, vitamin C 100 mg, biotin 45 μg, hyaluronic acid 150 mg, collagen 5, 250 mg, elastin 15 mg, pearl barley extract 450 mg Contents amount: 196 g Calories: 25 Kcal


Please enjoy by melting it in your favorite beverage with a guide of 7 g (1 spoonful of canned spoonful) per day. This product does not cure the disease due to intake a lot or to promote health more. Please observe the recommended daily intake.

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