Flowfushi The Eye Cream

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Flowfushi The Eye Cream

[Eyes] [Lines of Gray] [mouth &] [Eyelash serum]


Eye care, renewal. Serious eye cream from FLOWFUSHI to all women. We pull out the original beauty with a completely new method that focuses on the tension of "eyeglass muscle" and "temple streaks" which overturned the common sense of eyecare so far. Furthermore, while adopting the highest possible quality cosmetic ingredients, we realized the price that everyone can easily take. FLOWFUSHI renews "old common sense" of eye care.

How to use.

Eyelids, eyelashes, bears gently paint in the manner of massaging, centering around. The amount used is 1 grain of rice with one eye. In addition, it is also in the vicious line and mouth. When wrinkles are worrisome, spread wrinkles with your fingers and then apply creams from bottom to top.