Foot relaxing sheets (Red pepper) 30pcs

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Foot relaxing sheets (Red pepper) 30pcs

Red pepper

Ally a cold friendly woman! With the power of red pepper, both body and heart are pops! The pungent ingredient "capsaicin" contained in chili peppered gradually from the sole of the foot. Good night to be wrapped in warmth.

● Swelling is a woman's great enemy! Easy at home and refreshing

● Long hours standing work, desk work that keeps sitting ... I ended up working hard, and I woke up walking around after shopping, "painful swelling of feet". Swelling occurs because the blood circulation of the foot worsens and extra moisture accumulates between the cells. If you stick a pet to the sole of the foot before a good night's feet relaxation, open from the feet! Easy step to paste, you can have a refreshing morning clean. Of course it is OK even during the day OK! Plus one for usual care. Even the accumulated work, happy shopping seems to feel comfortable!

★ Examples other than soles of the feet Waist

1 piece on the rib and 2 pieces on top of it

Shoulder: palm on the other side of painful shoulder

Neck: forehead, 1 to 2 in the bronchial tree · across the back shoulder blades

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