HABA Squalane 30ml

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HABA Squalane 30ml

1) Softening keratin It keeps healthy skin by smooth metabolism and softening old keratin

2) Help skin breathing and others Foundation and cream with a lot of oil tend to stretch the oil film and hinder skin respiration, but squalane has a function to promote skin respiration

3) Quick penetration If you put it on your skin, you will have the power to penetrate deeply quickly

4) Help to penetrate lotion and essence solution given together Squalane with excellent permeability has a [vehicle (vehicle) effect] that pulls lotion, essence, etc. to be given together inside the skin

5) Protect skin without oxidation / alteration Harbor's high-grade "Squalane" boasts the industry's highest purity of 99.9%, and there is no worry of oxidation, alteration, oiling.

◆ Step 1 Cleanse properly to remove dirt ◆ Step 2 Give enough moisture with lotion ◆ Step 3 We squeeze and finish up the moisture with squalane.

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