Hokkaido premium Lululun mask ( Lilac scent)

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Hokkaido premium Lululun mask ( Lilac scent)

Lilac with flower language of "youth". A sweet scent telling Hokkaido early summer will gently relax your mind.


A fruit of a Haskappu growing naturally from Hokkaido for a long time. It has a rich taste that combines sweetness and sourness and has attracted popularity as well as local residents, such as pickles, jams and juice, as a souvenir now. Because the Megumi rich nutrients and the land covered with ash due to the eruption of the volcano kept producing fruits, the indigenous people of Ainu were worshiping as "a drop of life". With such a huscup as a face mask. Husky juice loved in Hokkaido * 1 contains abundant cosmetic ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, polyphenol and gives moisture to every corner of the skin * 2, leading to a youthful impression .


Content: 1 piece each pack

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