Hot eyelashes curler

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Hot eyelashes curler
Hot eyelashes curler

It is a hot eyelash curler who was born as a product advisor "Hair & Makeup artist Akemi Nakano" who has gained great trust for famous talents and actresses. The most important point is the "Heat Panel" of a new idea, you can firmly curl the eyelashes with the lift by grasping the eyelashes.

How to use Power system: dry battery type Dry cell type: AAA alkaline battery 1 (sold separately)

1. Open the cover, push the button and turn on the power when the arm part rises.

2. Close the cover and wait approximately 100 seconds until the heater warms up. Please check the heating state of the heat panel with your fingertip.

3. Place a heat panel or separate comb near the base of the eyelashes.

4. When storing the arm part, the power turns off.