Hydrogen stick

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Hydrogen stick

Anytime · Anywhere "easy" "fresh" made hydrogen water. It can be used repeatedly for about 2 months with 1 piece. Fresh from making on the spot!

Just put it in a plastic bottle or pitcher. Results measured with an economic tester for about 500 bottles of 500 ml PET bottles.

The numerical value after 24 hours will be 1,456 ppb. This product is certified by the Japan Hydrogen Water Society Association. It is the hydrogen product which I sell most in the variety shop now.

How to use

○ Please thoroughly rinse the capsules with running water before use.

○ Approximate use is 500 capsules of water per capsule.

○ After putting the capsule into a container such as a plastic bottle, shake it about 10 seconds.

○ Bubbles will start to appear from the capsule in about 3 minutes. · The longer the concentration, the higher the concentration of dissolved hydrogen in the water. · As capsules react with water and generate hydrogen, always use capsules in water soaked in water.

○ After use, take out the capsule from the container, rinse lightly with water, let it air dry, please keep at room temperature.

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