Kita club book (with limited design fuchiko)

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Kita club book (with limited design fuchiko)
Kita club book (with limited design fuchiko)

An open-minded capsule toy maker who gave birth to "Cup fuchiko" "Kitan Club" (commemoration of 10th anniversary) It is the appearance of the official catalog book!

Great collection of more than 2,500 points that have been released so far!

★ Monster Hit Capsule Toy that will sell more than 10 million items (* being updated) covering the series "Cup Futishi" series!

★ In addition to the "Cup fuchiko" series, there are more than 2,500 points of "Kichitan Club" unique rattles posted. It is a masterpiece gacha figure catalog.

★ I also posted "secret" figures I did not understand until winning.

★ As a precious material that can also be used as a checklist in the collector, as a photo collection that makes it fun just by watching it even if it is not a collector, Enjoy the world of Japan 's culturally awesome Japanese culture! "With special figure" only available in this book!

Quantity limited!

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