KOSE sekkisui UV gel SPF50+/PA++++ 50g

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KOSE sekkisui UV gel SPF50+/PA++++  50g

Pine needle (pearl barley) extract, loquat (loquat) leaf extract, licorice leaf extract, glycerin (moisturizing) formulation. Fresh feeling of use. Easy to use everyday gel type sunburn stoppers. No need for special cleansing. Drying by ultraviolet rays, preventing spots and freckles, followed by fresh moisture.

Please spread a sufficient amount to the skin adequately. If the amount used is small, sufficient ultraviolet protection effect can not be obtained. * When dropping, please thoroughly wash facial cleanser and body cleanser, then carefully wash. In order to have the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays, after wiping the skin with a towel etc, please re-attach each time.

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