MERCURY DUO megami no wake trial pack

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MERCURY DUO megami no wake trial pack

For the one haven't try the product before, we suggest you take trial pack, if its good? We are so happy to see you soon!

Natural natural minerals and amino acids that lead hair to natural beauty like baby condense. World Heritage including Minerals Based on deep ocean water of Shiretoko, fulvic acid rich in minerals and amino acids is blended. Since the cleaning component is vegetable and weakly acidic, it is a kindness that can be used safely from adults to children. Focus on finish that can be used from normal hair to damaged hair. Blending Ayurveda's Shirodara oil and vegetable moisturizing ingredients. The theme of fragrance is "sensual elegance". Sensual and transparent feeling scent that makes you fascinate and can not forget anyone by being scented once Top notes are fruits such as fresh cassis and La France. 

Easy to carry on trips Travel type!

● If your skin does not fit, please discontinue use.

● Please be careful not to cut your hand when opening.

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