Metabolic yeast × Enzyme diet

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Metabolic yeast × Enzyme diet
Metabolic yeast × Enzyme diet

"Yeast × Enzyme Diet" is a supplement that supports diet, clean and refreshing mainly with enzyme and yeast.

· Activated enzyme (cereal fermented extract) was combined with plant fermented extract made from more than 100 kinds of plants such as wild plants.

· Yeast peptides were studied at Korea University in Korea.

- In addition, candle bush was compounded.

· It is a supplement that supports diet, beauty, health of women who care about age.

· Recommended for people who care for beauty, health, those who care about eating too much, those who are concerned with the condition of tummy.

● If you enjoy: As a dietary supplement, please enjoy with plenty of water or lukewarm without chewing as much as 2 capsules, once or twice a day as a guide.

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