Pitta mask GREY

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Pitta mask GREY
Pitta mask GREY

3 pieces in.

Grey color appears in the PITTA MASK series so that it can be selected according to fashion and usage scenes!

【Product Features】 By making the new polyurethane material into a three-dimensional network structure by the porous filter technology, it is easy to breathe with high breathability while the pollen collection rate is 99%. Because it is a soft elastic polyurethane material, it does not make gaps where pollen enters closely with your face, but your ears do not hurt for a long time, but gentle wear comfort. The pollen collection rate keeps 99% even if it is washed three times and it is economical. Even if you wear a mask with glasses on, the glasses will not cloud.

【how to use】 Remove the mask one by one from the inner bag. 1. Check the top and bottom of the mask and spread it to the left and right. 2. Pull on the ear part and put the mask on both ears. 3. Lightly press down from the top of the mask to get close contact with the gap. Aim Pollen, cold, dust etc.

【Country of origin】 Japan

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