Placenta C jelly stick

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Placenta C jelly stick
Placenta C jelly stick
Placenta C jelly stick

Placenta has been used in many fields for many years, and it is a material familiar to us. This "Placenta C jelly" is a stick type beauty jelly that can easily take such placenta extract anytime anywhere.

· Not only placenta, but also seven ingredients such as collagen and swallow's nest are blended.

· Non caffeine. Furthermore, it can be continued deliciously with fruit juice formulation (mango juice 20%).

· Please enjoy as one guide per day.

· Please refrain from using this product if you are not united or are allergic to food.

· Please enjoy immediately after opening.

· This product may melt when it gets hot.

· Although contents may agglomerate, there is no problem on quality.

· Do not freeze or warm. The bag may be damaged.

· Please do not use for infants and young children.

· Please be careful not to cut your hands and mouth with the bag 's paddle or opening.

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