POLA B.A Protector 45 g SPF 50 · PA ++++

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POLA B.A Protector 45 g SPF 50 · PA ++++

(day cream · sun protection) 

Combination of ultraviolet / near infrared ray cut component. Day cream that protects the skin from sunlight, gives moisture and firmness. The skin of the day is deprived of moisture by the influence of sunlight, causing a state like dehydration. Paula's life science research focuses on the water holding capacity of "Versican", one of the birth factors of the skin. A cream feels like lightly dissolving in the skin, protects the skin from sunlight, keeps the moisture, aims at "three-dimensional gloss" full of life feeling during the day as well. (SPF 50 · PA ++++)

Lotion <120 ml> Urea & Aloe extract

● Moisturizing lotion lotion type lotion. Usability is "I do not need anything with this one!" It is a feeling of moisture that seems to be. Urea does not escape the moisture of the skin into the stratum corneum.

● QEEN Lotion's gentleness ingredients are made to make it easy to absorb on your skin, so you can use it for the whole body.


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