Quality 1st All in one face mask (White)

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Quality 1st All in one face mask (White)
Quality 1st All in one face mask (White)

White version of all-in-one seat mask moist. Placenta extract EX is blended 50%, thick soft domestically produced pure cotton to moisture transparent skin.

The first "antiseptic-free" with large capacity mask is realized.

1 placenta extract EX including 50%, plenty of beauty care ingredients for moisture transparent skin plenty 600 g! Main ingredients · · · 3 kinds of brightening ingredients (Nano White, Placenta Extract, Vitamin C derivative) It brings moisture transparency to dull skin. ※ essence base

Thick domestic pure cotton seat with 2 mesh processing! In order to concentrate pack dry skin that tends to dull, we adopted a domestically produced pure cotton sheet of 60 g / m 2, which is exceptional as a general large volume mask. (Ehime Prefecture Production Factory) By applying mesh processing to a sheet with a fluffy feeling woven by the force of water, adhesion to the skin is also improved. It is a high-grade sheet which is not possible with a general large capacity mask.

3 Challenge for ultra low stimulation! Finally achieving antiseptic-free! Since the permeability of the sheet mask to the skin is higher than that of the simple application, how to reduce the preservative resistant to stimulation was a big issue. At Quality First, we aimed to stabilize the product with only antibacterial effect of cosmetic ingredients, and we finally realized "antiseptic-free" for the first time with large capacity mask.

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