SAISEI mask sheets ( Eye zone )

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SAISEI mask sheets ( Eye zone )
SAISEI mask sheets ( Eye zone )

Eye, mouth, face line.

Each zone you care about is different. So, there are three types that can be intensively care for each zone. In addition to giving special prints to each of the three zones where signs and troubles are likely to appear, so that everyone can choose the mask that is right for them, we have made plenty of plus ingredients for a more appropriate approach.

(Eye zone)

To the clear eyes. Beauty ingredient "EGF" plus blended. Two eyed peptides "EGF" and "FGF" are added to the eyes where the skin is thin and the force of holding moisture is weak. While leading to the clear eyes with cleanliness, it brings elasticity and elasticity from the base of the skin.

7 days, 2 sheets per pack.

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