Silk cotton (Moisture type) 40pcs

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Silk cotton (Moisture type) 40pcs

● It is amazingly crown cotton with 1/2 lotion.

● Adopted newly developed leathery sponge material.

● As you send out the skin lotion that you do not leave, your surprising moisture comes out of the puff even with 1/2 usual toilet so you can put on packing.

● It adheres to a pack as it adheres so that a fine surface sucks on your skin.

● Moisturizing ingredient formulation to further improve the texture of the skin. So soft and smooth material that you have never used, you can clean it gently on your skin.

【How to use】 ● Putting 1. Extend about half of usual lotion on the surface and attach it. ※ Attention to wear. I will overflow later. 2. Put on your skin gently and rhythmically gently.

● Pack After putting, put lotion around the place where there is no lotion, divide it into two with perforations, paste it where you are concerned. * It can be used separately because it is a pair of two. If you try to smear it, the lotion tends to spread. * You can use it one by one separately by perforation by your preference.