Slim up Slim diet protein 360g

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Slim up Slim diet protein 360g
Slim up Slim diet protein 360g
Slim up Slim diet protein 360g
Slim up Slim diet protein 360g

● To prevent excessive diet and to have a balanced diet, when you change with meals please use two meals a day.

● This product does not contain all the nutrients necessary for 1 serving. If you are aware of food allergies, please check the raw material notation of the package after use.

● Sometimes rarely tummy becomes loose due to constitution and physical condition, it may not fit the body. In that case, please discontinue use.

● Depending on the constitution and health condition of the person who is using the diet due to calorie restriction, the physical condition may be broken.

● If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please refrain from using this product.

● If you are currently receiving treatment, please consult your doctor.

● After opening, securely close the chuck, please enjoy as soon as possible.

● When dissolved in water or hot water, sedimentation may be possible, but there is no problem on the quality.

● When melting with hot water to eat, stop using the shaker because it is dangerous.

● Please put it out of reach of children.

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