Slim up slim protein box (10days)

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Slim up slim protein box (10days)

Just drink instead of meals Diet care! Calorie control is possible efficiently at about 160 Kcal per meal.

Diet without getting tired of the popular six kinds of taste! 46 ingredients important for beautiful body creation. Vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, etc. In addition, ingredients that are particularly concerned during dieting are blended.


46 ingredients & more slim and clean with 6 taste 46 ingredients to support healthy diet firmly Take at once, about 160 kcal per meal! It is! Such as 'level up collagen' and 'beautiful body lactic acid bacteria' It also charges the beauty system ingredients, firmly during the diet Beauty care can be done, so you can rely on "Here!" Six variations of rich taste with 10 servings, The authentic dieters are also satisfying taste. Both nutrition and deliciousness are great satisfying shakes.

■ It can be continued! Six taste Caffe latte / caramel macchiato / chocolate / green tea latte (each 2 bags) Royal milk tea - / mango (each one bag)

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