SLIM WALK (Cool type)

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SLIM WALK (Cool type)
SLIM WALK (Cool type)

● Cool and cool feeling. It is comfortable legs socks without stuffiness even at night sleepy night.

● New contact feeling using cool "BREEZE" from the moment I was cool, pleasantly comfortable and comfortable until morning. - Breathability 6 times UP. Mesh knitting with good ventilation. ※ "Slim walk walking and dreaming of us here" tightening calf part comparison

● Water absorbing quick drying material so sweat absorbing quickly and refreshing feel. ● Clean legs from ankle to thighs. "Leg Lift Structure" feels comfortable sleeping.

● Step pressure design born from European leg care. (Ankle 21 hPa · calf 16 hPa · thigh 10 hPa) ● Lightly with legs designed to reduce the pressure as it goes from the ankle to the top. It is thin and beautifully arranged.

● Use high-count yarn soft and soft.

● Antibacterial deodorization processing.

● Widespread rubbers that are difficult to trace on.

● When you are at bedtime / after bath / after going home / relaxing time

● Type: Long type, for good night

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