SLIM WALK (Leg and heel care)

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SLIM WALK (Leg and heel care)
SLIM WALK (Leg and heel care)

● Next morning, refreshing legs & moist care of moist.

● Step pressure design + double care with moisture pack design.

● Step pressure design · I realized that it was a cute moment. Firm tightly from the ankle to the calves, refreshing legs. · Feeling comfortable sleeping "Leg Lift Structure" · Step pressure design born from European leg care. Lower legs with a design that lowers the pressure from the ankle to the top. It is thin and beautifully arranged.

● Moisture pack design Moisturizing while sleeping. - Built-in moist sheet with two layers of silicone material and urethane material wrapped around the heel part. · Sheets adhere to the skin and softens the hardened keratin.

● Fits smoothly with soft skin texture, it is designed with a rough pita.

● The trace is difficult to remain, wide type soft soft rubber.

● Short type.

● Good night.

● When you are at bedtime, after bathing, go home, relaxing time

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