Super blend snacks pack 300g

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Super blend snacks pack 300g

Various taste cream sandwich biscuits and cream coated biscuits were packed together.

【MANUFACTURER INFORMATION】 In Japan, biscuits, which are thought to be eaten by children, beauty, taste, flavor, high nutritional value, which are very good nests. In Europe and other countries like the UK, traditional adults also like to eat. Treasure Confection has continued to make biscuits since its foundation, wrapped in know-how accumulated so far with the love of making biscuits, developed various products, and sent it all over the world.

Nutrition component Per 100 g, heat quantity 502 kcal, protein 5.2 g, lipid 22.7 g, carbohydrate 69.3 g, sodium 302 mg

Contents: 300 g (including individual packaging) × 12 pieces