Tear off cotton 80pcs

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Tear off cotton 80pcs

Roll over

● Can be used without waste lotion, it is a cotton that can be used by turning over to 5 sheets.

● After putting, if you pack it by turning one by one, do not waste the cosmetic lotion remaining in cotton, make-up water firmly permeate to your skin.

● By turning and using, you can clean and clean nail polish at any time on a clean surface.

● 100% natural cotton, so soft touch sensitive to the skin.

● It is hard to fuzz with micro water flow finish, leave no fibers on the skin.

● To clean your skin and fingertips such as putting, wiping, packing, manicure dropping and so on. Regular size (50 mm × 70 mm)

● 5 sheets overlapped × 80 sheets input

[How to use] Cotton extends in a certain direction. When using it for a pack, if you put it on your face slowly while stretching it will fit more.