Tsujiri matcha milk powder 200g

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Tsujiri matcha milk powder 200g

To a you who wants to relieve in black tea and mellow milk. It is a delicious taste that relaxes with flavorful stone-milled green tea and rich milk rich harmony. Tsuji Ryu is sticking to Matcha to blend deeply and deeply the original taste, we blend two kinds of Matcha luxuriously. It is characterized by a soft taste in harmony with the milk of rich milk.

It is easy to dissolve in water and can be enjoyed easily even with ice cream. The first year of the foundation episode of Kyoto Uji, "Tsuji Ri" is a famous founder of Uji Tea revival, inherited the passion and a will of tea making of the founder "Tsuyoshiemon", a variety of with a certain skill and quality I will give you the charm of tea.

● Hot: Add 1 cup (1 bottle) to a cup, pour 140 mL of hot water, stir well.

● Ice: Add 1 cup (1 bottle) to a glass, stir well with 120 mL of water and float 2 to 3 ice.