About currency picker

We received a lot of mail according to the currency picker is not showing the correct amount recent. Here is the easy guide for show you how to use the different currency picker.

Follow the step, in fact it will effect your exchange amount.



Click into the product, mostly all the products are shown in Japanese Yen (JPY). If you wish to shown in other currency rate, you may click on the option of the product, (if there are no option just go ahead to step 2.



After you checked the option you would like to add to cart, now you can click on the currency picker to choose which currency rate you prefer.


STEP 3: 

Here you go, you are successful to view for our product for the currency you picked!


NOTE: If you wish to check other product/ revert to same product for more currency rate, we suggest you may refresh your page and choose the product option again and re-do the steps above. (It may avoid for wrong currency rate showing)


BE SURE the currency rate status (after refresh page or anytime) is JPY, and you will get it.


For more details, or you feel that there's are some problem on our site, you can contact us by sending us a DM. 


Hope this help! Happy shopping :)