About us (日本ショッピング代行サイト)

Walkinjapan means Walk-in-Japan, as you are walking in Japan (the shopping heaven). Doesn't mean more, imagine you are walking in Japan, and grab all the things you need.

An online website which is provide shopping service. Just starting this business couple years ago and we have many repeater customer  and glad all of them keep supporting Walkinjapan! We used to shop in Japan, but we will also help purchase some item that we think is good from other country (sometimes). We are trying to update new products every week! All products will be self picked and good quality, 100% authentic items. One of the special way if compare with others store is, we just recommend something that we already tried on and we think is good! Good things are need to be SHARING!

We believe everyone can get Japanese product easily, but we still hope we can get help on purchasing some limited and popular products which is selling fast. Just for some of you who need the online service like walkinjapan_com!


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