AXXZIA beauty eyes essence sheets premium (60p)

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AXXZIA beauty eyes essence sheets premium (60p)
AXXZIA beauty eyes essence sheets premium (60p)

From the upper eyelid to the triangular zone of the cheek, where the skin is thin and the skin is easy to feel a decrease in firmness, the 0.3mm high adhesion ultra-thin sheet fits perfectly.

Contains support ingredients that work on complex problems around the eyes, such as Eye Bright Extract, gives delicate eyes a fresh moisturising and firm feeling, bright, plump and soft eyes.

It's an eye sheet that changes your mood every morning.


How to use

Basically, use it once a day in the morning or evening, and twice a day in the morning and evening when you want to take care of it intensively.

STEP.1 After washing your face, after preparing your skin with lotion, take out one by one with the included tweezers.

STEP.2 Fit it around your eyes, hold it lightly and make it stick together.

STEP.3 After 10 to 15 minutes, pee off the sheet and finish it with cream.

※With the included tweezers, you can easily pinch it without touching it with your hands, so you can use it cleanly even on busy days.

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