Heel moisturing sheets 8pcs

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Heel moisturing sheets 8pcs

It is a foot pack containing Jojoba oil · Darbiea extract · fruit acid etc. A gel sheet containing plenty of moisture will carefully care about the heel of the rasp. It just sticks on a heel or knee and sleeps, so you can use it easily. Perfect for morning, a flower-shaped sheet that is hard to peel off. It is a scent of herbs of lavender marigold.


How to use

1. First peel off the transparent film of the flower form sheet (it is a surface with irregularities).

2. Please paste the anxious part of the heel or knee so that it hits the center of the flower sheet.

3. After pasting overnight, please remove it the next morning.

* Please take a bath and stick it before you go to bed.

* Do not peel off the film at once, stick it to half, paste it on your heel or knee, peel off the rest little by little, you can stick it neatly.

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