Hokkaido corn chocolate 10pcs original (ready stock)

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Hokkaido corn chocolate 10pcs original (ready stock)

It’s original from Hokkaido, kindly understand stock quantities are unstable. We will inform you if sold out.


Monde Selection (World Food Competition) "Best Gold Award" won! Crispy crunchy, gentle sweetness spreading faintly. Coated with naturally rich earth and golden brown chestnut, with carefully selected fine white chocolate. I stuck with taking advantage of raw materials and the original taste of the material and finished it. It is a taste of plenty of affection for the grace of the north earth.

HORI's "sugi choko" received the "International Excellence Award" for the third consecutive year Gold Prize for Heisei 12, 13 and 14 at "Monde Selection" authorized worldwide food committee . It is a product that has won the most prestigious "highest gold prize" GRAND GOLD MEDAL from 2003 in 5 consecutive years.

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