Horse oil 70ml (Sun bahyu)

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Horse oil 70ml (Sun bahyu)

"ソん馬油 no fragrance 70 ml" is a 100% horse oil cream that you can use as a basic cosmetic for your face and for protecting the skin of your body. From the fat of domestic horse of good quality, abundant natural ingredients extracted by vacuum steam refining protect hands skin and suppress moisture by giving moisture. Because it removes oil odor by its own technology, it is a horse oil recommended for use on your face, not being concerned about odor.

No fragrance. Containing component Horse oil.

Usage (when used for the body) 1. For rough hands and rough heels, apply plenty of somburo to raise the bath and make it sticky. 2. If you leave it as it will slip on the futon or on the floor, so please wear cotton gloves or wear socks to respond.

Usage (when used for your face) 1. On the skin immediately after cleansing, thinly stick the sombrella of small bean grain to the whole face and make the horse oil ingredient firmly. 2. After 5 to 6 minutes have elapsed, go to make-up. When using it for face massage in the evening, etc., put on a lot of fingers for better slippage and wipe last. Also to clean the neck.

※ If you want to give moisture, after taking a bath and washing face thinly rub the sunbaeu and warm your face for 2 to 3 minutes with a steamed towel, so devise how to use according to your preference. Also, applied to the roughness of the lips several times a day. ※ The basic make-up is sufficient only for Sonbayu, but when using other basic cosmetics continuously, please use it well after considering each product characteristic.

Storage method    

Please keep sombayu in a cool place below 20 ° C that will not hit the sun.    

Please use it within one year after opening.    

Although there is no expiration date, since it is natural oil, refrigerated storage is recommended when long term storage is done.

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