Rohto eyedrop 13ml

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Rohto eyedrop 13ml
Rohto eyedrop 13ml

We will soften the tired eyes that burdened the day during the day. "Rot uptake water α" focused on "leisure time" while sleeping. Four nutritional ingredients, such as personal computers and contact lenses, At the same time healed the fatigue of the pupil who took a burden, I will improve my blurred vision. Also, "hyaluronic acid (thickening agent formulation)" moist " It is an eye drop.

○ Taurine It nourishes the eyes, promotes metabolism, and encourages recovery of tired eyes.

○ Chondroitin sulfate ester sodium Gently protect the surface of the cornea burdened with contact lenses, etc., Prevent eye diseases.

○ Sodium hyaluronate (thickener of formulation) It is a viscous ingredient excellent in moisturizing ability, which is also used for essence liquids.

○ Natural Vitamin E It nourishes the eyes, promotes blood circulation, effectively heals the tired eyes.

○ L-aspartate potassium It promotes respiration of the cells of the eye and heals the fatigue of the eyes.

○ Free angle nozzle that can be instantly instantly dropped anytime, anywhere Easy to keep eye care, it is very convenient.

○ One-touch screw cap Just click once to open it clicks and when you close it just click once to the right. It is easy and convenient.

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