Rohto Z! eyedrops 12ml

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Rohto Z! eyedrops 12ml
Rohto Z! eyedrops 12ml

For Z! b 

● It works for tired eyes and congestion! It activates the function of the eyes and incorporates components that promote metabolism and decongestant components.

● For sports etc. In zinc sulfate hydrate formulation, inflammation due to ultraviolet rays etc. is also suppressed.

● Congestion of eyes and tired eyes such as when losing sleep Nutritional ingredient combination. Promotes metabolism, enhances resilience when eye fatigue. Contains a decongestant component. Cool exhaustion and exhausting eyes!

● During driving etc. To refresh your eyes when feeling tired of eyes such as a long drive.

Refreshing feeling level 8

For Z! Pro 

● Vitamin replenishment firmly in your eyes Improve tired eyes by activating burdensome tissue metabolism Contains maximum concentration of vitamin B6 within standard.

● Recover focus adjustment function It acts on the accommodative nerve of the eye and relieves fatigue of stiff eyes Neostigmine methyl sulfate is included in the standard maximum concentration *.

● Promote cell respiration Activate cellular respiration of the eye and improve fatigue Including potassium L-aspartate in the standard maximum concentration *. * Maximum concentration of approval criteria for ophthalmic pharmaceutical for general use Refreshing feeling level 8 + Rotijiro c (this product) The coolest feeling of the finest class *! * The highest coolness level in our products Free angle nozzle that can be instantly dropped anytime, anywhere When you want to "Z!",

You can easily keep on eye care and it is very convenient. Eye drop at free angle OK! Naked eye

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