Tofu yogurt face mask 150g (Whitening)

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Tofu yogurt face mask 150g (Whitening)

Soy milk made from carefully selected domestic soybeans "Fukuyutaka" from Saga, "Toyomasari" from Hokkaido and spring water from Shiiba Village.

It contains soy milk fermentation solution (*1) that ferments selected soy milk with lactic acid bacteria and enhances the power of beautiful skin.

It penetrates to every corner of the stratum corneum and moisturises your skin.

After washing your face, if you wet your skin with lukewarm water or lotion, avoid the area around your eyes and mouth, make it thick enough to hide your skin, and apply it to the whole face.If you spread it all over your face, wait for about 5 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water. 


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