Suntory DHA+EPA ( 30 days)

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Suntory DHA+EPA ( 30 days)
Suntory DHA+EPA ( 30 days)

It is an indispensable force to maintain the health in front of you, and to spend a positive and healthy life in 5 or 10 years. In order to be confident in "health", "thinking" and "vitality", it is important to take nutrition considering the usual "basic health skills". The ingredient that holds the key to its "basic health power" is the smooth ingredient DHA of blue fish.

・Those who have started to feel their age.
・Those who are concerned about the accumulation of lifestyle habits.
・Those who work hard to think and study hard.
・Those who want to be youthful and healthy.

Contents 120 tablets (about 30 days supply) / 240 tablets (about 60 days supply)

※Please refer to the estimated amount per day and use it carefully so as not to take too much.

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